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Are lash extensions a good fit for me?

Most can enjoy eyelash extensions, but if one or more of the following apply to you, you may not be a good candidate for this service.

- Difficulty laying still for an extended period of time (up to 3.5 hours for a full set)
- Frequent eye touching/rubbing due to allergies, or if rubbing your eyes is just a habit
- Highly sensitive skin
- Very curly natural lashes
- Sparse to no natural eyelashes. Extensions must be placed on the natural eyelash, and not directly on the skin.

How long do lash extensions last?

A typical full set of extensions (without fill appointments for maintenance) should last you 4-6 weeks. If you need them off sooner than that, don’t do it yourself. You could damage your natural lashes. Book a removal here!

How often are maintenance lash extension fills scheduled?

Most people shed 2-5 natural lashes per day. So, if you want to maintain that full and perfect look, you’re going to need to get a “Fill” or “Extended Fill” every 14-27 days (2-3.5 weeks). I know, it’s a big range. I’ll help you figure out how often you need to come in. 

Once you hit 28 days (4 weeks), it’s no longer a “fill appointment” and a full set will need to be booked. This is important because I schedule fill appointments and new set appointments with very different time allotments. To make sure YOU get the service you deserve, I need to make sure I have enough time to take care of you. 

Clients that are new to the world of lashes may need to come in as often as every 2 weeks for the first few fills. There are some new habits that you’ll need to learn to take the best care of your lashes. Again, don’t worry. I’ll teach you. 

Really, how often you need to get them filled comes down to personal preference, your natural lash cycle, and your commitment to aftercare.

What options do I have in customizing my lash extensions?

Did you know you have options?! You do! Of course you should have a say in how your lashes look! And a custom consultation is my specialty! We will discuss lash extension length, curl, density, texture and shape at the beginning of our first appointment. If the options are feeling overwhelming, I highly recommend booking a free 30-minute consultation before your first set to discuss questions and/or concerns. Bringing lash inspo pics helps a ton!

I keep notes on every client’s visit… which means you can play around with all the options as often as you want to! If you like the new look, let’s keep it. If not, don’t worry, I have notes on exactly what we did. Got a special event coming up and want to try a Mega fill? I got chu. Lashes can be just as much of a personal statement as fashion is. So let’s have some fun!

Do Extensions hurt my natural lashes?

They shouldn’t! In fact, many of my client’s lashes THRIVE after having extensions put on. When you put down the mascara wand and the lash curler, your lashes are getting a chance to grow naturally without the daily trauma!

Ways damage CAN happen:
Lash Tech: The risk of incurring damage happens if a lash tech is using too heavy of extensions, using too much adhesive, or adhering multiple natural lashes together. If damage is repeated, it can become permanent!

Habits: Damage can also happen with bad lash habits, like picking, pulling, too high of water pressure during washing/too high winds without protection, letting buildup smother out the lash line from not washing enough, face sleeping, brushing while wet, hairspray on lashes, etc.

Internal factors for lash strength:
Internal factors can change natural lash strength (ex: stress, thyroid issues, pregnancy, hormone cycles, illness, autoimmune, picking etc) and cause a need to reduce the lash extensions weight while your natural lashes heal. Your natural lashes are my #1 priority. It’s the ONLY thing that I care about more than your style preferences. At each appointment, I’ll do a lash-assessment and make sure that we’re taking the best care of your natural lashes.

I  am trained to recognize how much weight each natural lash can support, and ONLY apply a healthy amount of weight to each natural lash. If you’re looking to get a look that’s “heavier” than what your lashes can hold, we can talk about different ways to get that same look without overloading your lashes.

What’s the difference between an adhesive allergy, adhesive sensitivity and adhesive fume irritation?

Contact Dermatitis (Adhesive Allergy) is an itchy rash that develops about 18-24 hours after service that affects about 5% of people. Both eyes are usually affected. There’s swelling and itching of the skin around the eyes. Allergies can happen/develop at any time.

Adhesive sensitivity is different from an allergy. A sensitivity is when already injured skin is exposed to the now irritating glue fumes. Symptoms can be similar to an allergy, but only happens when skin is already compromised.

Eye irritation is when the eyeball itself (not the skin around the eyes) is red, dry and painful. This happens when the eye is not completely covered by the eyelid during the application process, exposing the eyeball to the adhesive fumes. Bulbous eyes that are larger than their lid counterparts struggle here! Eye irritation can also happen when eye pads/tapes shift with tears and movement, causing abrasions when rubbing against the eyeball.

I am not a Doctor. Please seek professional medical advice if you have an allergy concern.

Is there a way to know before a full set appointment if I’m allergic?

Doing a patch test on the arm or behind the ear is not the same tissue as around an eyeball, so those results are not helpful for patch testing for eyelash extensions. 

Placing a small amount of lash extensions on each eye is not enough allergen exposure, most likely to give a false-negative. Typical reaction takes 3 exposures, so a patch test would need to be done 3 times and watched for 24 hours each time before the results can be considered reliable. This is why most lash artists don't have a patch test as a part of their standard procedures.

What do I do if I think I have a lash adhesive allergy?

 I am not a doctor so please seek medical help! Tell your primary “I may have Contact Dermatitis from eyelash extensions, and I need a topical prescription steroid called Decadron (dexamethasone).” Hydrocortisone is simply not strong enough for these types of reactions. Applying the prescription cream like eyeliner ASAP should pretty immediately knock about 50% of the reaction away. It will probably take 2-3 days of use to knock out the reaction completely. Bringing down the swelling/itching ASAP will be the difference between keeping your extensions on or needing to book a new full set once your eyes have calmed down. 

Can I still wear extensions if I have an allergy?

Yes! Once consulting a doctor, I have had many clients successfully resume wearing lash extensions! Reactions can be prevented by wiping the skin around your eyes after every lash appointment with an extension safe wipe (or washing your lashes), and then applying the prescription cream to affected skin areas (avoiding your lash extensions).

Do you travel?

All services are provided inside De & Co Salon. I am no longer a traveling artist!

Can I add multiple services to my appointment?

Yes! A popular service combination is adding a brow wax & tint to every other lash fill. I got chuu, boo!

Can I bring small children or pets to my appointments?

It depends! For most lash appointments, no. The nature of the service makes supervision impossible. But for a half hour brow appointment? We gotta do what we gotta do, right parents? But be warned, there’s not a ton of room in my actual lash room. The reception area is available for unsupervised attendants.

Can I wear mascara on top of my extensions?

No no no NO! Part of the beauty of extensions is not needing to wear mascara anymore!

Toss the mascara — keep the confidence. 

Do I Have To Wait 24 Hours To Get My Lash Extensions Wet?

You can now get your lashes wet immediately after application! No need to wait thanks to using a SuperBonder!

Who is a good candidate for Brow Lamination?

Are you looking for a brow transformation? Similar to the lash lift, brow laminations chemically relaxes the brow hairs to be able to set them in preferred shaping. Perfect for unruly brows and downward brow hair growth patterns, lamination gives the appearance of fuller, more uniform brows for 4-6 weeks. Aftercare is minimal with needing to avoid water on your brows for only the first 24-48 hours and using a brow serum to ensure hair care.

Where can I find your Lash Room Spotify Playlist?

Here! A little bit of everything… it’s a VIBE.

Lash Extensions or Lash Lift?

You’ve decided to try some lash love, but which service?

Lash Extensions offer a mascara-less life with extremely customizable results to fit your “natural to dramatic” style preference and require maintenance appointments every 2-3.5 weeks. This is a HIGH maintenance service that makes you LOW maintenance on the daily! No more transferring mascara. Completely waterproof.

If you don’t mind mascara and lash extensions are too much maintenance for your schedule, a “perm” for your natural lashes could be a good option! A Lash Lift and Tint semi-permanently curls and darkens your natural lashes for an eye-opening effect lasting 6-8 weeks! Less of a commitment, little aftercare, beautiful lash enhancement!

Can’t decide? Contact Shawnie and she’ll guide you!

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