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I am an ever-evolving human, wife, boy-mom of 2, spreadsheet maker and Lash+Brow Artist currently operating inside DE & CO SALON in Medford, Oregon.

I grew up as the artistic, overachieving middle sibling of three sisters. Naturally, I turned to YouTube (one of many gifts from us Elder Millennials) to learn what our single father couldn’t teach us: MAKEUP. After-all, skin was just a different canvas... Right?! With only a decade of practicing on peer high school and college cheer teammates, a generous local photographer reached out (shout out to Cindy Ford!) with an opportunity to donate on-site hair and makeup services to be combined with a donated senior portrait session to underprivileged high school senior girls. I had zero experience, but that’s the beauty of it… these young ladies were just grateful for my time! After a little research, and purchasing a small, clean Rite-Aid kit, I spent the summer falling in love with the connection and confidence that makeup gifted these girls! That summer changed everything. 

A self-proclaimed tomboy, I was shocked a decade ago to find myself in the beauty industry! It’s my favorite unexpected journey. One of the beautiful parts of starting in freelancing is that I didn’t think to compare myself to other makeup artists. I was simply obsessed with the process and following client referrals! I quite literally FELL into makeup and was already established before my brain thought to be insecure about my new passion! I was nervous, oh god YES, but not because of what the beauty industry thought of me (yet lol I’m not that cool). These women + girls were entrusting me with THE face that they would be presenting for some of the biggest and most memorable moments of their lives! I wanted them to feel proud to be in front of a camera and to capture this moment they are celebrating. Proud to frame it and adorn their home walls. I don’t take that responsibility lightly! 

My professional reputation was passed through local artists and grew into a thriving Bridal Makeup specialty over 7 beautiful and passionate years. Loooooong hours coupled with some AMAZING clients. Some stressful moments that made my experience worth its weight and some moments that felt so effortless that I wanted to pinch myself. I was basically hired to support memory making and memory capturing, HOW RAD IS THAT?! I cried at almost every wedding (me, a puddly mess in the corner). I felt so honored to be trusted to be a part of dozens of couples and my care showed in my clients experience and reviews! I felt SO lucky to have THIS pay my bills! THIS was it. I was exhausted but I was IN LOVE….. But with a growing family, it was becoming clear that I needed to make some moves to be able to make my mental health and my family my top priorities. I entered beauty school in 2015 with plans to balance out my summer/weekend heavy bridal makeup workload with some year round lash extension services for income and scheduling consistency.  

The next few years FLEW BY as I threw myself into lashing and MOMing full-time with summertime weekend Bridal Makeup… all while having 2 verrrry difficult pregnancies and postpartums, navigating post-deployment mental health diagnoses and a successful almost 2 year separation. (#mentalhealthmatters) Life was BUSY to say the least! 

For a SECOND time I was shocked… I had fallen in love with this NEW way of making art that helped women feel more confident! Lashing helped me cope with life stressors. The relationships gave me a sense of purpose and the lashes gave me a sense of control. I knew that the Bridal Makeup chapter of my life was coming to an end, but I had peace about it knowing I am on a journey to who I was meant to be. I retired from makeup services in Jan 2020 and committed to all things lashes and brows! (Riiiiiiight before the pandemic hit and I could not be more grateful for the timing. My heart would have BROKE with empathy OVERLOAD to all the pain in postponed and cancelled memories.

Eye Heart Spreadsheets launched July 2022! So much uncomfy growth has gone into bringing the spreadsheets I've used for TWO beauty businesses, out of my computer and into your hands! STAY TUNED for updates on launches!!

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I love to spend my theoretical “free time” exploring the beautiful Southern Oregon outdoors with my adventure buddies: husband Noah and sons, Roman + Zion. I enjoy collecting hobbies from Sidewalk Chalk Art to Spreadsheets, Crafting to CrossFit, Dancing to Doodling. I’m OKayish at a lot of things… But not Lashes + Brows… I’m GREAT at Lashes + Brows.

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Shawnie Curtis Artistry has evolved to be what it is today... a beautiful celebration of quality and connection. Dedication to the process of pursuing mastery. A makeup artist’s eye combined with my therapeutic love for creating functional art in the chaos. Practicing authenticity and protecting that space for others.